Titchfield Spirit 

Titchfield Spirit is a community history project in two parts.

Part I was a stage play dramatising the Titchfield Tapestries which are six panels telling the story of Titchfield through 1400 years from the coming of Christianity to the Milleneum. The play was staged at the Great Barn on Mill Lane which has been converted to a Shakespearian Theatre by Titchfield Festival Theatre. It had three theatre companies, plus the school and an informal set of players. A total of seventy actors played two hundred characters, including seven monarchs.

Part II is the story of the Village for the period 1914 to 1964 through the eyes of people who were there. The Book 'Village Voices, People's stories in their own words' was published in October 2015. The stories and pictures which local people shared with us are under 'People's Stories' on the left.

In addition Teachers Packs have been prepared for each of the 20 local schools.

Titchfield Spirit has been made possible through the support of Titchfield History Society, the Heritage Lottery, the directors and the actors, the volunteers, and not least the contributors who shared their stories.

Village Voices is now available online at www.amazon.co.uk priced £10 plus post and package. Search for Village Voices, Titchfield Spirit.

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Titchfield Spirit - The Play
This the action from Scene 6 where the Village welcomes it's troops home.

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